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Our Warranty

All About Amber offers a SIX month Warranty on all necklaces and bracelets. (The exception is bracelets on elastic as we do not cover these by our warranty)

PLEASE NOTE: Jewellery that is misuesd or not worn as intended is not covered under any warranty. This means wearing a necklace as an anklet as they are not made to be worn this way.

If your bracelet or necklace breaks while in your possesion,  we will replace or repair the item.

In order to claim your warranty you will need to first complete the following order - click here - http://www.allaboutamber.com.au/warranty-re-strings/warranty-returns

On the order form please state reason for return and add to cart. You will need to go through the cart process and check out. However no cost will be involved. Then please pack up your item and post back to us in a Pb1 Padded Bag with a $1.20 stamp and Registered post lable  this is the cheapest and safest way to return your item at a total cost of $5.25.

If the incorrect item was sent or made we will repair and return to you as well as refund the total of $5.25. If you send back express,platinum or any other way we will only refund $5.25. If you send "to be paid by receiver" we will not accept as this is twice the price and we will not be expected to pay $9+ for an item that can be returned at a cheaper way. You can alwasy just write "return to sender" if you still have the original packaging and this will cost neither of us any money - the best way in my opinion.

For repairs for faulty items:

We do not Cover the cost of postage for broken or faulty items to be returned. We do not cover postage on broken beads after 3 weeks from date of purchase. Please note toys, teething toys, chew toys, gifts and natural products ( everything other than jewellery) is only covered for 4 weeks from date of purchase. Please ensure you inspect your items well when you receive them so you can return if there are any faults. We will not refund money for anything but will replace or offer store credit if we no longer have your item in stock.

We will then decide if we will replace the item or repair it for you once we receive and see if it is repairable.

We try and ensure that you get the highest quality product - but we are human and we do make mistakes and some times there can be a fault in a clasp or product that may cause it to break. We are always happy to replace if this happens.

Please post your items back at your expence - once they are received we will return them to you Registered post. This normally takes a few days for us to do.


If you have any questions then please dont hesitate to contact us.

This is the postage bag we recommend using that is a total cost of $5.25 to return items the safest and cheapest method.


CARE- Amber, Hazelwood and Semi Precious

    •   Any necklace that is bot worn correctly on the neck is void of our warranty Apply make up, perfumes and any other cosmetic products prior to putting on your necklace. By applying cosmetics before the jewelry, you will minimize the chance of getting chemicals on the amber/hazelwood and Semi Precious. Exposing amber/hazelwood and Semi Ppecious to chemicals can damage the stone.
    •   Spread one drop of olive oil over the amber with a soft cloth and buff until the olive oil is no longer present. This will restore the amber to the original shine.
    •   Remove your necklace gently after wearing and avoid hitting it onto a counter or other hard object. Amber is brittle and may break with extreme force.
    • Semi Precious stones can crack or fracture if dropped or banged.
    •   Store amber in a jewelry pouch or jewelry box. This keeps the amber away from other pieces of jewelry that may hit the amber and break it.
    • Wash your Amber in warm water and leave in the sun to dry if you feel there is a build up of soaps, dry and dead skin or any other things. These will all stop it from releasing its minerals into your skin and act as a barrier.
    • Semi Precious Necklaces must not be worn in water at any time - the beads will move and the knots or if on wire will rust - these are not covered by warranty if they are not cared for properly. Please remove your necklace when wearing in water at all times to prevent movement, rust, knots slipping, clasp going black or becoming loose etc.The thread will stretch from the weight of the beads if they get wet and it will become too large or not sit nicely. The thread is not made for water.
    • Please do not roll bracelets over the wrist as this will also void our warranty as it will stretch the bracelet.
    • HAZELWOOD must not be worn in chlorine of salt water as this will damage it and it will not work any more.
    • If semi precious and amber are worn in water please ensure they are cleaned and palced in the sun to dry - by continuing to wear while wet will stretch the thread.