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How Amber Jewellery is made

Posted on March 28, 2012 by admin There have been 0 comments

It may interest you to know how amber jewellery is made.  It is much like other precious stones on the market today in that its mined and processed so that it can be further put into popular jewellery such as amber necklaces and amber bracelets. One other thing to keep in mind is that it’s made over several years, not just thrown together in a couple of days.  This helps bring that natural looking beauty to the amber beads that you see on the quality items that you purchase.

If you’re not familiar with the history of amber it’s also a very interesting thing.  Pine trees found in Scandinavian and the Baltic regions dripped a sap that then hardened to become what is known today as amber.  Because it’s found in it’s natural state it could have full insects preserved inside as it hardened which can make each amber stone that much more genuine and unique.  Over the years the amber has moved from location to location due to geological situations in the world.  Today it’s still mined by many and after it’s mined it goes through a cleaning process and then on to the processing.  At its current mined stage it may not look too appealing to the eye but after it’s been processed and turned into jewellery it takes on a new life.

If one were to process amber they would need to go through a clarification process.  This is a very important step in creating beautiful jewellery.  It’s much like the same step that would take place for other precious gemstones or even diamonds.  The amber is boiled during this process.  This helps to remove any impurities in the product such as cloudiness.  The amber may be further filed down or boiled to give it a different shape to fit the piece it’s being processed for.  As you can see this is why the process is done over many years.  It takes quite a long time for the resin from the trees to harden and become ready in a state that’s used for processing.

While the history of amber jewellery is rich and long-been around many people still may not be aware of its benefits and qualities.  Over the years it has been thought to be a great benefit to those with illnesses.  Back in ancient times it was given to gods and goddesses because of this supposed quality.

If you’re interested in more about this type of amber jewellery you can do some online research.  There are many sites that offer information about the amber jewellery making process as well as many sites that sell various types of amber products.  They will range in size and price but you should make sure that the site offers quality and genuine products if you’re looking for a genuine piece of amber.

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