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Authentic Baltic Amber Certificate

All About Amber purchases our Amber from Poland and Lithuania.

Our Supplier also been noted by several Lithuanian artistans that they are a reputable company selling only Authentic Amber. We dont buy from Ebay, or from China, India or other countries where you can get very cheap Amber - we source our Amber direct from Poland and Lithuania.

We then have our RAW amber shipped to some specialised Artists in Lithuania whom create, cut, polish and make these stunning necklaces. From here they are shipped either loose or pre made to Australia.

In Australia we also create our own Amber necklace designs - in fact about 30% of the stock is made right here.

We have been supplied with several Authentication certificates and have worked with the Lithuanian companies to supply and create an Authentication certificate to go with our Amber Necklaces. This is to create peace of mind and ensure that you are getting the Authentic Baltic Amber you are after. Our Print has been approved by our Lithuanian wholesalers and is included with every single package we send out.

We purchase our Amber from companies that are listed with The International Amber Association, formerly known as the Amber Association in Poland. This group gathers the expertise of producers, tradesmen, merchants, artists & scientists from all over the world. The Certificate granted by the Association guarantees producers use only natural raw amber, properly processed to obtain the highest quality final product, free of artificial pressed amber. The companies that we purchase from are certified through this Association.

Only 100 certificates have been issued worldwide by the International Amber Association-the organization of record in the amber industry itself. Most are held by amber production & fabrication companies ( were we buy from).

Unfortunately, the rising prices & popularity of amber goods stimulate the production of false amber, which is continuously improved & manufactured in ever-increasing quantities. Only infrared spectroscopy is a reliable indicator of amber authenticity. The Stowarzyszenie Burszytynnikow w Polsce (International Amber Association) grants such certificates to companies of unblemished reputation, additionally covering their production with expert supervision. Many Companies will give false testing information about Amber when it can not really be tested by an individual anymore due to the high quality and ability to create false amber. False amber is still amber with added Plastics so when tested can still come up as Amber - just not 100%.
I can assure you that All About Amber - only sells 100% genuine Authentic BALTIC Amber.

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